Benefits Office

Maternity Program

The Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) provides paid maternity leave (“Paid Maternity Leave”) to female members (“Members”) who are qualified based on the criteria outlined below.  It is paid leave associated with the birth of a Member’s own child.

Paid Maternity Leave is available to Members if all of the following criteria are met.  It may be used during pregnancy and post-delivery. Maternity Brochure 2017 .

  1. Member has submitted a certification of their pregnancy from their medical doctor verifying they are unable to perform the duties of iron work due to physical limitations arising from the pregnancy
  2. Member is eligible for the local union’s health plan on the date of disability and
  3. Member has not used this benefit within the past 24 months, and
  4. There are no such benefits available through other means, such as time loss benefits through their employer or Local Union’s health Plan, government provided benefits (federal, state or local), or any other means available

Pregnancy (Pre-Delivery/Birth):  Six (6) Months Maximum Benefit.

For Paid Maternity Leave to commence prior to delivery/birth, the Member must be deemed unable to work by their medical doctor.  This certification must indicate that the Member is not able to work due to physical limitations arising from the pregnancy but not sooner than the 4th month of pregnancy. This cumulative pre-delivery/birth benefit may be intermittent and may not exceed six (6) months.  After six months, the Paid Maternity Leave benefit payments will stop regardless of whether the Member is able to return to work or not.

Benefits shall be calculated at the rate of 1/7 of the weekly benefit for each day of Total Disability when totally disabled for less than a full week. Benefit payments are calculated using the formula below.

  • 66.67% (to a maximum of $800) of Normal Hourly Wage x 2080 ÷ 52 = Weekly Benefit Definition of “Normal Hourly Weekly Wage”: Most prevalent wage rate for that Member over the past 90 days based on a 40-hour work week.
  • IMPACT has the exclusive right to determine the Normal Hourly Wage Rate.            

Maternity Program is not available to :

  • Canadian residents
  • Surrogate related pregnancies
  • Adoptions
  • Foster care