Trainee "A" Rodman Training

What is a Trainee "A" Rodman?
An organized worker with no formal schooling to be classified as a Journeyman Rodman but may have different levels of reinforcing experience in the field.

Trainee “A” Rodman have a range of reinforcing experience in the field.

How do they progress to Journeyman Level?
Worker can follow the "A" Rodman Training Curriculum in an effort to obtain certifications and formal training that will satisfy the upgrade to Journeyman level for the International Union (see RDC 846/847 CBA).

  • Upgrade Courses are provided throughout the year at the Aiken Training Facility (given on weekends)
  • Event Trainings (Certifications) are given at the Jobsites/Employers will request certain courses/certifications be given depending on the needs of the jobsite.
  • Distance learning (LMS) is close to being up and running/the training department is registering people for these courses online; a plan needs to be developed to get the word out to members.

Course Curriculum (Minimum Hours)

  • Union Ironworker Orientation (10)
  • Osha 10 or 30 (10 or 30)
  • First-Aid CPR (8)
  • PT-Unbonded Course (40)
  • Rigging Qualified Card (40)
  • Fork-Lift Qualified Card (8)
  • Basic Reinforcing (Terms And Techniques) (40)
  • Blueprint Reading (16)
    Total (Min. 172)
  • Field Experience - Minimum 4000 Hours


The Local 846/847 JATC will evaluate any employee listed as "A" Rodmen in accordance with the procedures for granting of credit for previous expelience, No "A" Rodmen will be able to progress without first fulfilling the minimum "A" Rodmen training curriculum listed above.

Under the Local 846/847 JATC evaluation process they will also be able to slot the "A" Rodmen into the appropriate level of the apprenticeship program.

"A" Rodman membership qualifies as a direct entry to all apprenticeship programs. Work and classroom experience will be credited to the student after verification.